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Secretariat Office
Chief of Secretariat Office


 Dr. Weng-yu Shyu

 886-3-5927700  ext. 2105

Duties of Secretariat Office
Secretary General
1. In charge of general affairs of the secretariat office.
2. In charge of the use of president’s official seal.
3. Monitors implementation of important school resolutions and tasks assigned by the president.
4. Reviews the important plans and resolutions by various divisions.
5. Deals with important correspondence.
Secretary Wu
1. In charge of reviewing affairs of the school.
2. Coordinates and negotiates plans and tasks among divisions.
3. In charge of school meeting affairs and meeting minutes.
4. Collects and records tasks to be administrated for monthly meetings.
5. In charge of reception and guidance of visiting groups and special guests.
6. In charge of Annual budget planning.
7. Arranges leaves and plans schedule for the president.
8. Takes care of shopping needs for the president office and secretariat office.
9. Takes care of contacts and affairs outside the campus
Secretary Wang
1. In charge of affairs related to school visits, reviews and evaluations.2. Maintains the basic-database of the school.3. In charge of specific meetings and meeting minutes.4. In charge of mid-long term planning and meeting minutes.5. Assists with the meetings and meeting minutes of the Budget Committee.6. Assists affairs of the Board meeting.
Secretary Lin
1. Collects and composes the important events of the school.
2. Collects and compiles materials related to the history of the school.
3. In charge of 
planning for important resolutions and tasks of the school.
4. Reviews rules of the school.
5. Reviews official documents.
6. Composes documents for the president.
7. In charge of 
contract affairs.
8. Replies to mail received by the president.
9. Deals with News, public information and magazine affairs.
10. Composes news affairs in the area of public relations.
11. Plans and produces school flyers.
12. Makes brochures for purposes of introducing the school.
13. In charge of reception 
of visitors from Mainland China.
Student assistants
1. Answer telephone.2. Collect, record, and deliver documents.3. Take care of postal affairs.4. Provide support service at meetings.