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Department of Industrial Engineering and Management


Yau-Wen Hu
886-3-5927700 ext. 2950 
  The mission of Department of IEM is to prepare students with the knowledge and skills they need to design, model, analyze and manage modern complex industrial engineering and management systems. Our courses, laboratories, projects and seminars prepare students for rewarding engineering careers and life-long learning. Currently our department has a total of fifteen full-time faculty members for the fall 2012. All our faculty members are a highly collaborative and enthusiastic group that is always willing to teach students who are interested in the challenge of real world program.
  The Department of IEM provides the students with more scientific and practical based knowledge, and educate the students in the technology and management. The establishment of our department is to reinforce education and training in industrial and commercial automation with the aid of Computerized Information Management Systems. The goal is to enable students to plan, analyze, design, and manage production and business systems.
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