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Department of Food and Beverage Management

Chi-Wen Chen
886-3-5927700 ext. 3200
  Due to unique geographic and historical background, people of Taiwan integrated various and innovative types of cuisine, which marks Taiwan on the map for the tourists in the world. In order to operate in coordination with the policy of Ministry Education “Developing adequate professionals for management of food and beverage for strengthening tourism industry in Taiwan”, the department of Food and Beverage Management (FBM) was established in September 2012. The education goal of FBM is to prepare students to become management professionals in the food and beverage industry.

   The objectives of Department of Food and Beverage Management are to improve students' ability of creation and invention toward food and beverage, to develop students to possess professional integrity and international version, to develop the knowledge of modern concepts of sanitation, safety, and health, and to provide students with cooperative education which will help students gain real-world experience to become professionals in the industry.

      The courses design of FBM focus on hospitality and restaurant management with the goal being to prepare students for management positions in any segment of the industry. Department of FBM provides food and beverage content and management curriculum which includes 1) fundamental knowledge of food and beverage, 2) menu design and planning, 3) bar and restaurant management, 4) Chinese, Western and Japanese cuisine practices, 5) customer service technique, 6) Practice of English and Japanese languages in related to the industry. DTM department graduated students can work as professional as bar tender, restaurant and management personnel, Chef of Chinese, Japanese or Western food, food and beverage service personnel.

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