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Historical Sketch

      Ta Hwa University of Science and Technology was established in June 1967 as an agricultural junior college, offering a five-year program of grades 10 through 14. In 1969, it was reorganized to be an industrial junior college in order to meet the demands of Taiwan's changing economic and industrial scenes. In 1990, it was expanded and began to offer majors in both business and technology with five-year (grades 10 through 14) and two-year (grades 13 and 14) programs. In addition, an evening on-the-job training session was launched to accommodate the needs of neighboring Science Park and Industrial Research Center employees. In 1997, based on a high academic rating, the Ministry of Education upgraded Ta Hwa’s status to an institute of a two-year upper-division program with the capacity of awarding bachelor degrees. The name of the school was then changed to Ta Hwa Institute of Technology. At present, there are 13 academic departments in the institute: Automation Engineering, Chemical and Materials Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management, Information Management, Computer Science and Information Engineering, International Trade, Applied Foreign Languages, Tourism Management, Finance , Marketing and Logistics, and Computer and Communication Engineering. In fall 2004, the graduate school of Mechatronic Engineering was also established. With a complete set of academic programs, we are striving to be upgraded to a university of Science and Technology in the near future.