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Sketch of History

          Ta Hwa University of Science and Technology is one of the leading technology universities in Taiwan. It was established in June 1967 as an agricultural college, offering a five-year program for junior college students. During its development of nearly 50 years, it has successfully transformed to become a full university offering five-year junior college, four-year and two-year senior college programs. In the past few years, the school has set up three major research centers: Glass Innovation Center, Green Energy Industrial Center and Hakaa Culture Center. In addition, two prestigious graduate study programs for Electric and Mechatronics Engineering have also been started to serve the advanced engineering human resources. Meanwhile, an evening on-the-job training session and industry-based education programs were both set up to accommodate the needs of neighboring Science Park and Industrial Research Center employees.

Now Ta Hwa University, enjoying a high academic rating and reputation for practical training, has had widely connection and cooperation with academic as well as industrial units all over the Asia-Pacific Regions. Ta Hwa currently has had more than 60,000 graduates since establishment and the alumni have achieved many successful careers in both industrial and business areas.

 At present, there are three colleges , 13 academic departments, and one program in the University, they are : Engineering and Design College, which having Mechatronics Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Digital Content and Engineering ,Undergraduate program of Creative Design; Living and Health Technology College: Applied Technology of Living , Industrial Engineering and Management, Exercise and Health Promotion, Food and Beverage Management ; Business and Tourism Management College: Information Management, Business and Tourism Planning ,Business and Tourism English ,Tourism Management, Marketing and Logistics. With a complete set of academic programs, we are offering excellent technical education service for students from domestic as well as oversea areas.