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Office of Academic Affairs
Dean for Academic Affairs


Ya-Yi Xiong

886-3-5927700  ext. 2200

  The Office of Academic Affairs aims to help students become qualified professionals in a specific field. It maintains an excellent faculty and facilities to modernize teaching, on the one hand, and enhance students interest in learning, on the other. The Office consists of four different divisions: the registration division, the curriculum division, the publication division, and the recruitment division.
Organization of the Office of Academic Affairs
Registration Division
(1) Handles students admission and transcripts.
(2) Issues certificates.
(3) Arranges school calendar.
(4) Establishes and modifies the general regulations governing the school, as well as the specific regulations governing the Office.
Curriculum Division
(1) Calculates the teaching hours of full-time and part-time teachers.
(2) Handles teachers leave and making-up of classes.
(3) Coordinates the curricula of different departments, and processes students adding and dropping of classes.
(4) Evaluates teachers teaching performance.
(5) Holds different kinds of examinations.
(6) Arranges the assignment of the classrooms and laboratories.
Publication Division
(1)Publishes, issues, and catalogues teachers publications and the student handbook.
(2) Edits and publishes any written document about the school.
(3) Supports any school promotion activities.
(4) Prints various documents, materials, and handouts.
Recruitment Division
(1) Coordinates recruitment of day school students.
(2) Coordinates technical school exhibitions.
(3) Directs school promotion activities.