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Office of Student Affairs


Dean for Student Affairs


Hsien-Hsiang Chiu

886-3-5927700 ext. 2300


 The Office of Student Affairs manages the “homeroom teacher” system and the activities of student clubs. It helps students enjoy their campus life and take part in enriching experiences. The Office aims(1) To allow students to cultivate their spirits, to respect each other, and to enjoy working together.(2)To promote students’ focus on education by abiding by the law and working diligently.(3) To ensure students establish good moral conduct in school.(4) To encourage students to develop aspirations of serving other people. The Office of Student Affairs is organized into different divisions, including the Disciplinary Division, the Extracurricular Activities Division, the Physical Education Division, the Health Services Division, and the Counseling Center .

Organization of the Office of Student Affairs

Disciplinary Division

(1)Sets up student files, including safeguarding and managing documentation; manages students absence records.
(2)Rewards, punishes, and records students
moral conduct.
(3)Handles postponement of students
compulsory military service.
(4)Helps students to apply for student loans.
homeroom teachers
in dealing with cases of emergencies and other urgent matters.
(6)Assists with students
housing and helps them to manage their lives.
(7)Helps students to learn self-defense and traffic safety.

Extracurricular Activities Division

(1)Oversees student club activities.
(2)Manages the Student Activity Center and the
homeroom  teacher system.
(3)Schedules and holds school celebrations and activities.
(4)Helps students to apply for student loans and scholarships.
(5)Promotes students
community service.

Health Services Division

(1)Arouses students awareness through health education.
(2)Creates and maintains student health files.
(3)Purchases and takes care of school sanitary equipment and facilities.
(4)Enhances the quality of campus restaurants
(5)Maintains the sanitary quality of the school environment as a whole.


(1)Handles problems ranging from students’ internal conflicts to interpersonal ones, such as accusations of sexual harassment.
(2)Provides group and individual counseling to students in need.
(3)Creates a system of volunteer peer counselors.
(4)Cooperates with other counseling institutes and medical centers to offer better service.