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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Feng-Chang Lu
886-3-5927700 ext. 2700
  The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) was established in August 1970. At present the department offers four-year undergraduate program. Its graduate program will initiate in 2013. Courses were offered in the fields of power energy and green energy, automatic control, optoelectronics and semiconductors, electronic circuits, computer’s information communication, and computer’s soft application. Faculty members are very active in research. Major study domain is in the following four categories
The applied technology of green energy with emphasis on
electrical vehicle.
The applied technology of saving energy with emphasis on
SCADA, intellisense and measuring.
The applied technology of intelligent device with emphasis on
digital control, single-chip microprocessor.
The applied technology of wireless communication with emphasis on
intelligent appliances.
  The Department mission is to educate students in order that they should acquire professional theoretical studies and practical training to meet the need of industry, be mindful of professional ethics, and develop a strong appreciation for humanities accomplishment and career planning. To achieve this, its core competence, the Department aims to cultivate students in order that they should possess basic knowledge and information application in the professional domain, the communicative attitude and ability for cross-field teamwork, understanding the importance of professional ethics and career planning.
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